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Luminarium is a bright mysterious world where nature fascinates with its beauty and the inhabitants attract with their kind-heartedness and hospitality. Unfortunately, this kindness played an evil trick on the Luminarians. King Marius ransacked the country of all its valuables and escaped leaving his kingdom in ruins. And now it’s time for you to become a new Kind of Luminarium and to bring back the former beauty and grandeur to this country.

Extend the Kingdom frontiers, build new houses, mine luminarium – a precious metal that can be found in Luminarium only, make new goods of it and organize exchange with other countries sending your merchant ships on long and dangerous voyages. The fortunes of Luminarium are in your hands now! You’re the last hope of the country inhabitants!

Game objectives:

  • Repair and reconstruct luminarium mines.
  • Build the docks to service your ships.
  • Buy new ships and send them on long voyages.
  • Reach new levels to get access to new buildings, ships and trade routes.
  • Complete different missions.
  • Build and expand your Kingdom.
  • Make new goods and get profit from your commercial buildings.

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And you get all that with great graphics, atmospheric sound, entertaining gameplay, free hand, total absence of advertisements and – that is the most important – absolutely free! © 2010 - 2020 | All rights reserved
News In progress Done About us Contacts